A Flat in B Minor(2008)

                 Listening to a Tango in A flat got me thinking about changing a flat…but to a Tango, being played in B Minor. I mentioned this idea to Kip and he wrote a tango in 'B Minor'.  I animated Marty using Anime Studio Pro5. Brian animated the ship and all the atmospheric effects in Lightwave.
       We had a lot of fun.

   Dead Engine (2012)

     In this sequel to ‘A Flat in B Minor’    Marty finally makes contact with ‘Bellz Kornerz Intergalactic Towing’.
  With a boost to his Spaceship’s depleted engine Marty can continue on his way. Things go very wrong.

  Kip wrote the amazing sound track to this one as well.  I animated Marty using Anime Studio Pro. Brian animated the ship as well as all the atmospheric effects using Lightwave.

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