A Flat in B Minor(2008)

                 Listening to a Tango in A flat got me thinking about changing a flat…but to a Tango, being played in B Minor. I mentioned this idea to Kip and he wrote a tango in 'B Minor'.  I animated Marty using Anime Studio Pro5. Brian animated the ship and all the atmospheric effects in Lightwave.
       We had a lot of fun.

   Dead Engine (2012)

     In this sequel to ‘A Flat in B Minor’    Marty finally makes contact with ‘Bellz Kornerz Intergalactic Towing’.
  With a boost to his Spaceship’s depleted engine Marty can continue on his way. Things go very wrong.

  Kip wrote the amazing sound track to this one as well.  I animated Marty using Anime Studio Pro. Brian animated the ship as well as all the atmospheric effects using Lightwave.

The Vince Malette
2nd Annual Golf Tournament

Face Off to End Alzheimer's


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