Scott Fiander
VSF Animation Inc.

2121 Maywood Street , Ottawa, Ontario,K1G 1E8

 I’ve been involved professionally in the animation industry for 30 years.
The transition from pencil and paper to the 2D digital world has been a relatively smooth one.
Timing, from years of Animating and Directing in Ottawa and in Europe, followed by Sheet Directing several animated series for Disney Television, has helped me build solid Animatics for Pip Animation Services since 2004. I have a line of greeting cards that has been selling in and around Ottawa for over 20 years. I’ve designed and am maintaining two websites. I also have a blog and I'm editing short films for Kathy's blog to help promote her artwork:

    Aug 2004 - April 2012  
Pip Animation Services,
  Ottawa, Ont.

Season 2  “The Cat in the Hat  Knows a Lot About That” using Flash CS4
   Season 1  “The Cat in the Hat  Knows a Lot About That” using Flash CS4

   Leica Editor/Storyboard Revisions/Quality Control/ Animation Revisions
                       5 Seasons of “Cyberchase” using Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop, & Flash 8
                  PBS New York

                        4 episodes “Bob & Doug McKenzie” using Flash 8

                Assistant Director/Leica Editor/Storyboard Revisions
                        65 Episodes of “Carl Squared” Portfolio Entertainment

                Leica Editor/Storyboard Revisions

                                 “Stella and Sam” the promo

                    1 Season “Secret World of OgCBC

                                  9 ‘Sixty Second Science’ shorts   Perimeter Institute                                   

                Wrote, Designed, Directed, Animated & Produced
         A Flat in B Minor
                      An Official Selection of six International Animation Festivals,

   Dec 2003 - June 2004      Animation 
                                “Mischief City” using US Animation,
                                 Mercury Filmworks, Ottawa, Ont.

 1995–2003       Board Slugging & Sheet Direction

                               "Robo-Roach” Funbag & Portfolio Entertainment
                                “Stanley” Cartoon Pizza & Disney Television
                                “Toad Patrol” Funbag Animation Studios
                                “Stanley” Cartoon Pizza & Disney Television (2001)
                                “Woody Woodpecker” Funbag Animation Studio (2000)
                                “PB&J Otter” Jumbo Pictures New York (1999)
                                “Watership Down” Funbag Animation Studios (1999) 
                                 “Freaky Stories” Funbag Animation Studios
                                “The Brand Spanking New Doug Show” Jumbo Pictures, NY  
                               “Captain Star” Funbag Animation Studios
                                 “Bruno the Kid” Funbag Animation Studios
                                “The Mask” Funbag Animation Studios
                                 “Flash Gordon” Lacewood Production
                                 “Untalkative Bunny” Dynamite Cartoon Studios

                                 “Anastasia” (Rotoscoped part of a dance sequence) 
                                               Dynamite Cartoon Studio
                                  “Love is a Download” Funbag Animation Studios 

   1994           Writer, Designer, Animator
                  “The Interactive Alphabet” Educational CD Rom, Corel / KLA Visual Arts
                                      Started VSF Animation Inc

   1993           Storyboard Artist
                   “Beavis and Butthead” 'Funbag Animation

   1992          Posing Supervisor 
                     “Rupert the Bear” Nelvana / Studio Ellipse, Paris 1991

   1991            Animation Director
            “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” / “James Bond Jr.” Murakami Wolf Dublin

   1981 - 1990   Animation Director, Posing Supervisor, Animator
                      “The Raccoon Series” Hinton / Lacewood Studios 

           “The Railway Dragon”
     “The Birthday Dragon”
         “Peter Pan” (the series)
       “Teddy Bear’s Picnic”
          Hinton / Lacewood Studio 

Video GameDesign
"Grog's Revenge", "Quest for Tires", Killed Until Dead, "Ace of Aces"
(Does anybody remember these games?)
for Artech Digital Entertainment

                   Illustrated 5 Children’s books and 4 Teacher’s Manuals
                      The Animal Kingdom Collection for Learn By Reading

                    “Bubbles the Dolphin”
                       “Molly the Bat”
                        “Bajumba the Elephant”
                      “Kirrosh the Tiger”
                         “Sticky Claws”


                   1977 - 1981    Sheridan College, Oakville, Ont.
                 Classical Animation Program
                 Art Fundamentals


                         I own, restore and drive a 1920 Model ‘T’ Ford
                      I enjoy playing the 5-String Banjo, acoustic and electric guitar
                      I also enjoy digital photography & learning new 2D digital animation software